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What are side lights and when are they used?

Side or top fanlights for external doors are a perfect way to increase the visual value of the door and give the facade of the house a more prestigious look. Glazing is ordered together with the entrance door, because their structure is closely related to the reveal.

A rooflight is a panel consisting of a frame and a glazing unit. Glazing is installed on the side of the door (on one or both sides). You can also install glazing above the door. This type of optical enlargement of the door is used when the installation of a double-leaf door is not recommended. Glazing is an extension of the door system and is usually selected in a uniform style.

It is a very popular solution when choosing aluminum doors. The glazing frame is connected with the door system, creating a beautifully styled entrance to our house. The standard dimension for the side fanlight is 400 mm. Take this value into account when taking measurements for the installation of exterior doors.

Advantages of using glazing for entrance doors

Apart from the obvious aesthetic reasons, the skylights have two functions - they bring more light and warmth to the vestibule of the house. In a situation where we do not want to use additional lighting installations for the vestibule, the use of skylights will be the perfect solution. A large amount of daylight has a very positive effect on our well-being.

We offer a wide selection of glass - from sand-blasted to structural. Choosing the right glass is a matter of your taste only.

Is additional glazing also more warm? Yes, it is true, but we can control the amount of heat introduced into the house by selecting the appropriate glass structure and the appropriate glazing unit. The house should not be overheated, so we suggest you ask our specialists from the Customer Service Department about the heat transfer value of the fanlight. It is worth remembering that the glass should be burglary-resistant. Usually, special toughened glass is used in production, covered on the outside with a layer of foil. The glass protected in this way will withstand being hit with a stone or a hammer. Even if the structure is broken, the glass will not break apart, preventing a burglar from entering the house.

Additional glazing for external doors - is it worth it?

The use of skylights in the facade of a single-family house is a great way to increase its prestige. It gives style and optically enlarges the entrance to the house. If we want our house to stand out from the crowd, a properly matched side skylight of the entrance door will certainly help to achieve the desired effect. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide selection of Splendoor aluminum doors.


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